Keep Firefox Bookmark Menu Open After While Opening Bookmarks

March 9, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


The bookmarks in a browser is a very useful feature where we can save the links of any interested websites that we found while surfing the Internet. We can even make folders and put the bookmarks in categorize for better management and we don’t need scroll through a long list of bookmarks. If you visit a list of websites everyday, it gets annoying when you have to click on the Bookmarks at menubar, then click on the bookmark to open the page and the menu closes. Then again you have to go through the same process again to open another bookmark.

To solve this problem, you can either open a Bookmark sidebar by going to View > Sidebar > Bookmarks and then start opening the bookmarks or you can use Stay-Open Menu Firefox extension if you’re used to opening bookmarks from the menubar.

After installing Stay-Open Menu plugin, the only thing you need to do is to make sure you open the bookmarks by using the middle click on your mouse. The bookmark opens but the menu stays there allowing you to continue open another bookmark. Normally when you open a bookmark, it opens on the same tab without opening a new one but this plugin is able to open a new bookmark at a new tab which is more logical.

Download Stay-Open Menu

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