Kaspersky GetSystemInfo Provides Comprehensive Online Report of Windows System

April 12, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


There are many types of computer auditing software that scans and displays both software and hardware information about a computer. Kaspersky has a similar free tool called GetSystemInfo which is able to create an online report which is pretty comprehensive. The program is portable and all you need to do is run it and click the Create Report button. GetSystemInfo then scans your computer and auto uploads the report to an online parser website to give you a nice looking page with category. There are 6 main tabs which are System Properties, Devices, Process / Services / Drivers, Files / Registry, Summary and Search. In every main tab has a few child tabs which gives a deeper and more detailed information.

Kaspersky GetSystemInfo

System Properties
– General Information (Hardware)
– Operating System
– Installed Programs
– Hosts
– Opened TCP/UDP Ports
– Log Events

– Plug ‘N’ Play Drivers
– Network Cards
– Printers
– Video
– Sound

Process / Services / Drivers
– Processes & Modules
– Services
– Drivers
– Kaspersky

Files / Registry
– Registry
– Folders
– Recent

– Summary
– Infection
– Untrusted
– Suspicious
– Unknown
– Updates

– Search

GetSystemInfo does not make any changes to your computer nor help you clean any virus. However it can greatly help malware cleaning experts in forums to allow deeper understanding of the user’s computer that is suspected to have a computer virus infection. If you are not too familiar with computers, the Summary tab should be able to give you some probable information on drivers and applications that needs to update, unknown, untrusted, incompatible software and infected objects. GetSystemInfo is free for everyone to use and is compatible with Windows 2000, NT, 98, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7.

Download Kaspersky GetSystemInfo

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