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Do you miss the good old winipcfg tool found in Windows 98? It is a tool with a simple graphical user interface to view the IP configuration found in older versions of Windows such as 98 and ME. When it comes to Windows 2000 and above, the winipcfg tool has been replaced with the ipconfig command in command prompt. Releasing and renewing the DHCP lease used to have buttons for it but now it must be used with command such as /release and /renew. To view full information of the IP configuration, one has to use the /all command to see the MAC address, DNS Server, DHCP server, lease obtained and expired date.

Here is a free tool called Win IP Config which provides the same features in the old winipcfg but with even more features. You can view the host info together with computer uptime, intefaces, routes, netstat and report. The report provides a text based information on all the information that Win IP Config can get so you can easily paste it to forums to get help if they ask for such information.

ipconfig gui winipcfg

You can renew the IP address if the computer’s IP address is taken from the DHCP server by right clicking on the network adapter in IP Info tab and select Renew IP Address. As for the Routes tab, it allows you to create, delete and even edit route tables. This tool was last updated about 4 years ago and detects Windows 7 as Vista but there is no problem displaying the information correctly.

Download Win IP Config

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