Instantly Hide All Tabs in Google Chrome with PanicButton

April 8, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Privacy


This extension called PanicButton for Google Chrome browser is very useful to hide all opened tabs with a single click or a hotkey. For example, if your company needs you to login to their local webserver with a web browser to key in data into the database, you wouldn’t want your boss or superior to catch you opening other websites when they are somewhere around you that can see what’s on your computer screen.

The good thing about PanicButton is by default you can either press the Escape button to hide all tabs or set it to click on the PanicButton icon. You can also set a password to protect your stored tabs so that when people sees the PanicButton icon and clicked on it, they will be asked to input a password before all the tabs are restored back. A safe page can also be set which means that when all tabs are hidden with PanicButton, you can set only webpage to load on the single tab.

panicbutton hides all tabs in chrome

We have given PanicButton a test and it seemed to work perfectly on the first time we clicked on the PanicButton. After that it just would not work until you close and restart the Chrome browser. Moreover the numbers that is shown in the PanicButton icon never goes away even after restoring it. We can see that PanicButton is still a little buggy and the developer of this extension is looking for some help to improve it.

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