Instantly Close Multiple Unwanted Windows Explorer

April 13, 2010 | Filed under Software


One of the good thing about Windows is the ability to open multiple Windows and navigate around it. However for a user that very frequently needs to open a lot of Windows folder, they might find it annoying and troublesome to close the unwanted windows explorer. Closing all windows folder is easy which can be done by right clicking on the taskbar icon and select Close all windows. But to close only the unwanted windows, the user will need to go through every window and manually close it.

One easy way to close unwanted or even all of the windows is by using Explorer Folder Window Closer. This small, portable and free tool does nothing more than allowing you to select the folder to close and then clicking on a button does that.

Explorer Folder Window Closer

We have tested opening 13 explorer windows in different directory path and running the Window Closer shows all of it. We checked a few selections from the list and click Close Checked. The window that was checked are instantly closed and the utility closes as well. This is a very simple tool coded in .NET Framework and works on all Windows including 7.

Download Explorer Folder Window Closer

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