Install Complete Software Packages to USB Flash Drives with winPenPack

March 26, 2010 | Filed under Software


USB flash drives are very useful because it is portable, small to carry around and can store software and files that you want. Most of the newer USB sticks comes with really huge space such as 4GB to 8GB which sometimes can be too much for a person that needs it to store documents that probably takes up only a few megabytes.

Do not put the space to waste as you can install portable software to the USB stick so no matter which computer you are on, you can still use the software that you like. winPenPack contains portable software collection. You will only need to download and extract the files to your USB flash drive and you have all the complete software on it.

usb stick software collection

There are 5 winPenPack suites already created which is Essential, 2Gb, Game, School and Web. Each suite has its own collection of software to suit the category. If you prefer to have your own custom list of software, you can just download the winPenPack launcher and the software listed in categories. winPenPack is free and it is also possible to install it on your computer if you like.

Download winPenPack

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