Increase DVD Movie Playback Volume with Miro Video Player

March 27, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Software, Video


Laptops are great for portability but when it comes to playing a DVD movie on it, you will most likely experience a very low volume that you can hardly hear what they are talking clearly unless you use a headphone. Even if you turn up the volume in Windows and the Windows Media Player to the maximum volume, it is still not loud enough. One of the best way to solve this problem is to use Miro 3, an amazing open-source, non-profit video player that can boost the volume twice as high.

Increase DVD volume

Other than that, Miro is a really impressive video player that support playing almost any video format. It can create thumbnail for any video that doesn’t have one. Instead of just a video player, Miro is capable of downloading torrents and subscribing to RSS feeds for easier tracking of new medias. This new Miro 3 is much lighter and faster than the previous versions and it supports subtitles.

Do note that only the latest Miro 3 can boost the maximum volume for videos at least twice as high because it is a new feature. Older versions will not have this feature. Miro 3 is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Download Miro 3

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