Include an Address Bar in Internet Explorer 9 Developer Preview

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Internet Explorer


Yesterday we have posted about the new released of Internet Explorer 9 developer preview which is not meant for public to use and would only be useful for web developers to have an early look of Internet Explorer 9. As mentioned before, IE9 developer preview does not come with a back button and also an address bar for you to visit other websites but we have posted a tip on how you can do that by either pressing Ctrl+O or from the menubar Page > Open.

WebStyleCenter has created a simple mini address bar for Internet Explorer 9 which allows users to try visit the website that they want using IE9. It is not an addon but an external application which sends the URL to the IE9 test platform. It works but the hotkey to get to the address bar Alt+D doesn’t work, instead it opens up the IE9 Debug menu.

Internet Explorer 9 address bar

This IE9 address bar is fixed at the top location of the screen and cannot be moved. Probably it is designed for a maximized (not full screen) IE9 window and the address bar will fit in nicely at the menubar just after the Help menu. To close the address bar, you can either hit Alt+F4 or click the Close button at the end of the bar.

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