Improve Website Readability by Removing Colors and Background Images

April 13, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


We have visited websites that has chosen a very bad combination of colors which makes the reading of text very difficult. For example, a website with black background and text in gray is going to make your eyes really tired after reading a part of it. In order not to strain your eyes, one manual solution is to copy all the text into your text editor such as Notepad but not Microsoft Word because you will end up copying the formatting and font colors as well.

Another easier way for Firefox users is to install the No Color add-on which allows you to remove colors and background images from the page by one click. After installing No Color, a small puzzle icon will appear at the bottom right of Firefox status bar. Clicking on it instantly removes the background image and also color making it total white and also changing the text color to black.

The No Color option allows you to configure the text and background color, in case if you prefer a dark background with light text color. This Firefox No Color add-on is really very useful and it is pretty light with only 9.3Kb in size. Would be nice to have a hotkey support to turn on or off the background color.

Download No Color

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