Improve Performance when Watching Flash Videos On Slow Computer

March 3, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


There are tons of video websites on the Internet now and the most popular one is YouTube. To user that has a powerful computer, viewing a flash video is never a problem as long as the internet connection is stable or else they will get a lot of buffering wait time. However for user with old computers that the hardware is not powerful, viewing a flash video can cause the whole computer to lag and probably even hang up the computer.

Adobe Flash Player has a feature where you can right click on the flash video and set the video quality to High, Medium and Low. By default the quality is set to High and most modern computers are able to handle that. For old computers, setting the flash quality to Low will give you greater performance without slowing down the whole computer.

Set Flash Quality to Low

The more automated way of doing this is to install a Firefox add-on call Low Quality Flash. This add-on uses JavaScript to alter OBJECT and EMBED tags on a page setting Adobe Flash objects to “Low Quality.” This can vastly improve performance on lower-powered platforms like older computers, cheap netbooks, and cellphones using Firefox Mobile. It also helps if there’s a site you love to read that just so happens to load 20 flash advertisements next to the article text. After installing the add-on everything is automated and you don’t have to do anything.

Install Low Quality Flash Add-On for Firefox


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  1. darkocean says:

    That add on has been broken by fire foxes update !@# Please some one make another!!

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