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March 23, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Google Images is one of the best source to find images and photos but if you are looking to search for nice non-porn photos of Chinese girls, then there are some websites that has free galleries which you can view and download for free. Some of the gallery sites are Tu11, Duide, MeiTuiJi, PalAthCx and etc. You can manually visit those websites from your browser and save the photos that you like one by one or simply automate the downloading by using Image Ripper.

Image Ripper is an application that parse web page structure, extract the real image URL and download them automatically in group. Currently Image Ripper supports 7 sites which are Duide, Tu11, MeiTuiJi, PalAthCx, TuKuHeels, and Pics100. When we tested all 7 sites, only the first 4 works and the last 3 shows problems in loading the page.

Download Sexy Chinese Girl Pictures

To use Image Ripper for batch downloading of images, you will first need to know the link of the gallery. Go to any of the 7 websites list above and browse deeper into the links. Copy the link of the album that you want to download and paste it into the URL bar in Image Ripper. Then select the directory where you want the images to save to and finally click the Begin button.

Other features that can be found on Image Ripper are uploading the downloaded images to Google Docs (GDrive) or Picasa Web, F11 to display photo in full screen and get cookie from your browser.

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