ilivid Player Streams Video from RapidShare Real-Time While Downloading

April 11, 2010 | Filed under Software, Video


There are abundance of video links which can be downloaded for free from RapidShare, Megaupload and many other file hosting websites. Because of the file size limit for free uploaders, the video files are normally split into multiple parts and a user would have to first download all parts and either extract it or join it. This is a waste of time because you have to first spend a few hours just to download the multi part links and you can’t do much on the Internet because the bandwidth has been fully utilized. Then you have to spend an hour or two to watch the movie which you have downloaded.

For the first time someone has made it possible to stream videos directly from RapidShare, Megaupload and many other file hosting sites using ilivid Player. It offers the fastest way to watch hosted video links. No more waiting until the download completes before watching your video. With ilivid, just watch the video while it’s downloading to your computer.

Although ilivid Player supports both free and premium accounts, it is advisable to use a Premium account so that your download speed is fast enough to stream the video. Some file host such as RapidShare caps the download speed to 50KBps which is not fast enough to stream the video that you are downloading. Currently ilivid Player supports over 70 file hosting websites with premium accounts.

ilivid Player sounds like a very advanced software but in fact the interface is made very simple. It has a premium accounts tab for you to add your premium account login information, and the Downloads tab where you paste the rapidshare links. The only settings you get is the location on where to save the downloaded videos to.

Stream rapidshare video links real time

We have given ilivid Player a test and the video managed to stream perfectly without buffering when our download speed is going at 160KBps. If you have a slow internet connection or don’t have a premium account to stream real time on rapidshare links, you can use ilivid Player to preview the video that you are about to download to check for the quality of the video.

Download ilivid Player


2 Responses to “ilivid Player Streams Video from RapidShare Real-Time While Downloading”
  1. Frank says:

    It kinda sucks that you’re forced to use VLC. Try RapidTV, it does the same job but has HDNow technology and supports every media player.

  2. Ali Abdulla says:

    your not forced to… go to the download directory .. there you will find the rars, AND the extracted video(while downloading).. not all players supports playing that file… but having codecs installed, i tested Kmplayer, windows media player, and vlc.. those works…

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