IE and Firefox Caret Browsing Disables Scrolling using Keyboard Arrow Keys

April 15, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Internet Explorer


If you are Firefox or Internet Explorer user, you might have missed out a feature called Caret Browsing. The default key for both IE and Firefox to activate Caret Browsing mode is F7. Basically when you activated the Caret Browsing, this feature places a movable cursor in web pages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard. For people who are not careful with what they click, normally they would simply click the Yes button without reading the information displayed first.

When Caret Browsing mode is turned on, the user can no longer use the arrow keys on their keyboard to scroll the browser up, down, left and right. Instead, the cursor is now on the text like as though you are editing the text on your browser. No, you cannot edit the text on a website with Caret Browsing as it only allows you to select the text by pressing and holding the SHIFT key and moving to the left or right with your arrow key.

If you find yourself always hitting the F7 key and accidentally enabled the Caret Browsing mode, you can easily disable the F7 Caret Browsing activation. For Firefox, type about:config at the address bar and hit enter. At the filter bar, search for the word caret, double click on accessibility.browsewithcaret_shortcut.enabled to change the value to false. That will disable the F7 key from activating Caret Browsing mode. As for disable Internet Explorer Caret Browsing F7 key, we found a group policy restriction but unfortunately disabling it from there does block the F7 from activation Care Browsing.

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