Identify Copy Protection Used on CD or DVD

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It is possible to protect the content of your disc by using copy protection software. Although disc copy protection is not very often being used, but there are quite a number of such software which we only got to know today because of a tool called BurnOut.

BurnOut is a simple and small tool that is made to detect copy protection software used in a disc. The user interface is very easy to understand with nothing much to do other than inserting the disc to check and click the Scan button. By default it scans files that are smaller than 15MB so that the scan time is faster and moreover the encryption software isn’t usually bigger than 15MB.

Disc Protection Detector

The current version of BurnOut recognizes 58 protections and they are:

– 3Plock
– ActiveMARK
– Alpha-DVD
– Alpha-ROM
– Armadillo
– Bitpool
– ByteShield
– Catus Data Shield
– CD/DVD-Check
– CD-Cops
– CD-Lock
– CD-Protector
– CD-X
– Code Lock
– CopyKiller
– Diskguard
– Dummyfiles
– DVD Crypt
– DVD-Cops
– EXE Stealth
– FreeLock
– Hexalock AutoLock
– Impulse Reactor
– IndyVCD
– JoWooD X-Prot v1
– JoWooD X-Prot v2
– Key2Audio XS
– Key-Lock (Dongle)
– LaserLock
– LaserLock Marathon
– MediaCloQ
– MediaMax CD-3
– Protect DVD-Video
– ProtectDISC
– PSX Libcrypt
– Ring-Protech
– SafeLock
– SafeCast
– SafeDisc
– SecuROM
– SecuROM Product Activation
– SolidShield
– Sysiphus
– Sysiphus DVD
– Smarte
– Softlock
– StarForce
– SVK Protector
– TZCopyProtector
– VOB ProtectCD/DVD
– Winlock
– WTM CD Protect
– Xtreme-Protector

We wouldn’t say that BurnOut is 100% accurate because we have tested a disc that is protected with CD-Lock and BurnOut reports that it could be “CD/DVD-Check” protection. Turning on advanced scan that uses EVORE also reports the same result. BurnOut does not provide any link to the software protection so you might have to use Google to search for it.

Download BurnOut


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  1. gf7 says:

    Thx for testing my program. May you contact me concerning the CD you scanned for improving BurnOut?

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