How to Write Chinese Characters in Windows 7

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Opening a website that has Chinese contents is not a problem since most browsers can support automatic character encoding. However to write Chinese characters, some people doesn’t know how to do that and they end up spending money buying NJStar or Chinese Star. Those software cost a lot of money for example NJStar cost $100 per license and most people use it only for typing Chinese words but do not use other extra features that is on it.

On Windows 7, there is a built-in Chinese keyboard where you can input Chinese characters by typing out the PinYin and select the list of words that appears on the list. In fact, it even has a New Experience Input Style which works exactly the same like how you input Chinese words in NJStar. Before you get to use it, you will first need to install the Chinese keyboard.

Chinese Input Windows 7

1. Go to Control Panel and double click on Region and Language.
2. Go to Keyboards and Languages tab and click on the Change keyboards button.
3. By default it should only show English Keyboard. Click the Add button.
4. Scroll down and click the + sign to expand Chinese (Simplified, PRC).
5. Check on the Chinese (Simplified) – Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input Style and click OK.
6. Click OK on all the Windows until all everything closes.

You should notice that there is a EN icon at the system tray. Here are some hotkeys that you need to learn and memorize so that it helps you to switch between the keyboards easier.

Alt + Shift = Switches between the language such as from EN to CH and vice versa
When you are at CH keyboard, the SHIFT key allows you to switch between Chinese or English writings. For example, if you’re writing English and wants to add a few Chinese characters, just press the SHIFT key and you’re able to start inputting Chinese words. There are many other languages that you can add using the same method.


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  1. dawn says:

    i have been looking for the solution for the past few months. Now my solution has solve. Awesome !! the instruction is very simple & straight forward.

    thanks a lot !!!

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