How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7

March 8, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Windows 7


Although every version of Windows comes with Internet Explorer, Some experts think that Internet Explorer should never be used to browse the Internet because the security is very weak and exploits are being discovered all the time that could potentially allow hacker to take over the computer. As for some other people, they will think that Internet Explorer is an important part of Windows and should never be removed. There are some not so skillful programmer calls Internet Explorer instead of default browser and if no IE is found, the software can crash.

Uninstalling Internet Explorer from computer has always require third party script to do the job but starting from Windows 7, users can conveniently and safely remove IE8 from the Windows Feature. To do that, go to Control Panel, click on Programs and Features, then click Turn Windows features on or off at the left pane. You should see Internet Eeplorer 8 at the 3rd line from top and it is checked by default. To uninstall IE8, just uncheck Internet Explorer 8. You will get a warning window saying “Turning off Internet Explorer 8 might affect other Windows features and programs installed on your computer, including default settings. Do you want to continue?

Click Yes, then OK and followed by a reboot will fully remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7. If you encounter problems without IE, simply go back to Windows Features and check IE8 on the list to reinstall.

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