How to Switch Between Regular and Lite Facebook Interface

March 20, 2010 | Filed under Online Service


Facebook is a very famous website with the most members. Since nearly everyone in the world has a Facebook account, the development team has updated the interface several times and also added many services and third-party applications. The more features is on Facebook, the more people will be impressed and continue being a Facebook member. However, with so many things going on in Facebook, the website can take up a lot of bandwidth usage and cause the website to get a little slower for computers with slow internet connection or with an old computer.

Facebook has thought of this possibility and created a lite version of Facebook with fewer services, excludes most third-party applications and requires less bandwidth. Anyone can preview and use the Facebook lite by going to the URL

Once logged in, you will notice that the interface is similar to the regular Facebook but it is much more cleaner with less flashy stuff. If you prefer the lite version of facebook over the regular version, you can set the lite version as your default facebook site. Click on the Settings button beside the Logout, then click on the Default Site icon. You will see “When I go to, show me:” text and by default the Regular version is selected. If you want the Lite version, select Facebook Lite and click Save.

Facebook Lite

Alternatively if you frequently switch between a slow and fast computer, you can enable “Let me switch between Regular Facebook and Facebook Lite” option so that a blue bar will appear at the top of Facebook that conveniently enables you to switch back and forth between the two versions.

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