How to Minimize Microsoft Outlook 2010 to System Tray

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Email, Microsoft Office


Microsoft Outlook is normally used in companies and they keep it open during work hours so that new emails will be constantly being downloaded at a defined interval. Since Outlook by default puts itself in system tray and also at taskbar, it might be taking up unnecessary space at the taskbar. It doesn’t make much sense to have both place to access Outlook.

If you want Outlook to only minimize to system tray but not the taskbar, Outlook has a built-in feature to do that. Simply right click on the Outlook system tray icon and select on Hide When Minimized which should put a checkmark beside it. Now when you minimize Outlook, it will be minimized to tray without showing in taskbar. Now you can have a neater taskbar without unnecessary software taking up on the space.

Minimize outlook to system tray

There is no need to worry if you will be missing any new emails because when a new email is received, there will be a new mail desktop alert popup to inform you about it. By default the option Show New Mail Desktop Alert is enabled so you might want to check in case you have accidentally disabled it.

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