How To Easily Burn ISO Disc Image in Windows 7

April 3, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


ISO images are mostly used to backup the whole disc contents which can be later be used to burn to a disc and creates the exact copy, unless there are some disc protection encryption. It is a well known format that every disc burning software supports burning the ISO image.

Ever since Windows 7, users can now burn the ISO image without using any third party software. This is very useful in future because Microsoft has started selling Windows operating system from an online store and the buyer has the option to select to download the ISO image. If Microsoft is selling Windows in ISO images, it only make sense if they make it by default that Windows should be able to burn ISO images.

To burn an ISO file in Windows 7, simply right click on the ISO image and select “Burn disc image” in bold. Then you get to select which burner you would want to use to burn the ISO image and then insert the disc and click the Burn button. There is an option to verify the disc after burning which is useful as sometimes a faulty disc burner can appear to successfully burn a disc but will have problems playing it on the CD/DVD player.

Burn ISO image in Windows 7

There is no built-in support for extracting, editing and creating ISO images on Windows yet.

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