How to Delete or Close Email and Social Networking Accounts

May 2, 2010 | Filed under Online Service


Registering for a new account whether for email such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail is easy as the sign up link can always be found on the main page of the domain. The same goes for social networking accounts such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter. However if for some reason you want to cancel, delete or close the accounts, it will not be easy unless you are willing to dig deep enough in their Help pages.

One simple way to guide you on how to cancel your accounts is by referring to the online tutorial at “Delete Your Account“. This website does not offer the service to auto cancel all your accounts but merely a guide with the official link to cancel the account.

Current Delete Your Account has guides to close account for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Digg, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google, Hotmail, iTunes, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Meebo, Monster, MyBlogLog, MySpace, OkCupid, Orkut, PayPal, reddit, The Pirate Bay, Twitter, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo and YouTube. The list might continue to grow if more time is given.

The Delete Your Account website also tells you how to get back your account if it is possible and supported by the online services. One example is if you’ve close your Facebook account, all you need to do to restore your account is by logging in within 14 days.

Delete Your Account Official Website

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