Hotmail Watcher Safely Auto Checks Hotmail Without Logging In

March 22, 2010 | Filed under Email, Firefox


Hotmail offers free SMTP and POP access for email clients to auto check, download new emails and also to send out emails. If you want to periodically check your Hotmail but find it unnecessary to setup your Hotmail to use an email client such as Outlook to check your emails, then perhaps Hotmail Watcher might be a good alternative.

Hotmail Watcher is a smart Firefox extension that checks your new inbox Hotmail and report to you in status-bar. You can set how often Hotmail Watcher should check your inbox and also it notifies you through sound, display and blink when it finds a new email.

Auto check hotmail without username and password

The good thing about Hotmail Watcher is unlike many other hotmail checkers which requires the username and password, Hotmail Watcher doesn’t need to your hotmail login credentials. All you need to do is login to your Hotmail and close the window. You do not need to keep your Hotmail window open. As long as you don’t logout from Hotmail, the browser cookie is all Hotmail Watcher requires to log in to your Hotmail account and check for new emails.

This is a safer method so that your Hotmail username and password will never be saved anywhere or revealed at any place. When Hotmail Watcher finds new emails, you can easily go to your inbox by left clicking once on the Windows Mail icon at the bottom right of your Firefox status bar.

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