Hide Drive Letter from Appearing in My Computer with Hide My Disk

April 5, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


One easy way for snoopers to dig around your files is by opening My Computer and voila, every data and files on your computer is shown. The snooper will now need to go through all the folders to see if he can find for any confidential or sensitive file. Another easy way to protect against such snoopers is to hide the drive letter from appearing in My Computer in the first place.

There are quite a number of ways to do it but we think that the easiest way is to use a free software called Hide My Disk. You can hide a disk letter from appear in My Computer with a single click. Just run Hide My Disk, select the drive and click Hide button. The changes takes effect immediately without rebooting the computer. To unhide, select the hidden drive and then click the Unhide button. You cannot hide the system disk which where Windows is installed.

Hide My Disk from My Computer

There are 3 versions of Hide My Disk. The lite version which is free and is the most basic that enables you to hide and unhide drives. The Standard version has an extra Password Protection to protect the software from being able to use by unauthorized users. As for the PRO version, you have an additional feature of Hard Disk Monitor & Utility, Remote Control and Hide Single Folders or files.

If you just want to hide a drive letter, the Lite edition will do just fine. You can use it to hide the drive and then remove the shortcut and rename the software executable to something else so that people won’t know what did you use to hide the drive letter. Not a perfect method but it’s a very simple and straight forward one.

Download Hide My Disk

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