Hide, Deny Access or Modification to File and Folder with FileSecrets

March 13, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


Windows has a security feature where you can configure the user rights to access files and folders. They can be configured to what permission on the user has on the files such as modify, read & executed, read, write or full control. This can be easily altered by users in your computer that have right access privileges and moreover it may not be that easy to configure the permissions. To easily protect your confidential files or folders against modification or if you want to hide it, you can try FileSecrets.

FileSecrets is lightweight, simple but effective tool for protecting your files from any unauthorized access. The aim of FileSecrets is to secretly protect your files which means that other users will not even have idea on how your files are protected or even will not notice that your files are there.

filesecrets protects files and folders

With FileSecrets, you can add a folder or file to the protected list and select the action to take effect on the protected list. It can either deny access, deny modification or hide the file or folder. The remove the file or folder from protection, one must do it from FileSecrets. FileSecrets program can be password protected so only authorized users can configure the protected list. FileSecrets also has a built-in self defense mechanism to protect itself from being modified or deleted to bypass the protection. Even if you try to uninstall, the software will prompt for the correct password.

FileSecrets is free and compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP 32-bit.

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2 Responses to “Hide, Deny Access or Modification to File and Folder with FileSecrets”
  1. tomas says:

    its confusing is it about protecting files from unauthourised access or is it about protecting files from modification??

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