Gmail Alerts Users on Simultaneous and Different Geographic Region Login

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Email, Google


Gmail is one of the fastest webmail with a clean interface but packed with useful features including the free POP and SMTP access. One of the recent updates on Gmail is it is able to detect suspicious account activity by alerting the user at the bottom of the page if the account is open in other locations.

Gmail Multiple Login alert

For example, you are from US and you open your Gmail. If someone is also logged in to your Gmail account from Japan, you will see the notice at the bottom saying “This account is open in 1 other location (IP ADDRESS). Last account activity: X minutes ago. Details“. If the IP address looks unfamiliar to you, you can click on the Details link that shows you the access type either through browser, mobile, POP3 followed by location with IP address and date/time.

A new alert has been added to Gmail that also checks if the login is done on a different country. A login appearing to come from one country and occurring a few hours after a login from another country may trigger an alert. This is a very useful feature because now the hackers that used keyloggers on people to steal login information will have to make sure that they use the proxy/vpn that matches the country of the previous gmail login or else the owner will receive a warning that says “We believe your account was recently access from: Country”

Gmail detects different country login

If you are traveling on a different country and logs in to your Gmail from there, you might want to ignore the warning. Good job Google on this new upgrade!

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