GIGATweaker Changes Useful Windows 7 Hidden Settings

April 10, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


There are many hidden tweaks in Windows 7 and they can be found in forums and also in tweaking software. You can find a couple of tweak software that contains changing of hundreds of hidden settings but then most of the time they are too many and sometimes you are not sure whether is the tweak necessary or not. We found a Windows 7 tweaking tool called GIGATweaker which doesn’t have too many unnecessary hidden tweaks but only the useful ones.

After installation, we found that the interface of GIGATweaker is really clean and categorized properly. Some of the useful tweaks that we found on GIGATweaker are automatic logon, show message before logon, disable UAC, remove Action Center icon at system tray, deactivate warning of low disk space, restricting applications, adding OEM info and many more. Every settings can be easily enabled or disabled by placing a checkbox on the options.


It also has some useful Windows 7 optimization settings such as turning off Search Indexer, startup boost, disabling built-in CD/DVD burning feature. If you are using an evaluation version of Windows 7, it can even help you to reset the 30 day trial period three times which extends up to 120 days.

GIGATweaker is free and is meant to be used on Windows 7. We will have to say again that this tool is just nice without having too many unnecessary hidden tweaks. Most of the tweaks available in GIGATweaker are useful. When starting of the program, it recommends you to create a restore point in case you messed up something.

Download GIGATweaker

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