Get Notified on File Changes with FileTrack

April 23, 2010 | Filed under Software


One of the best way to detect file corruption is by monitoring the file for changes. One of such tool that can do this is FileTrack. FileTrack is an open source tool which can monitor a single file for any changes and it notifies you with a popup. It does not have all those advanced notification features such as emailing and it monitors only one file at a time.

FileTrack is made to monitor for file changes when a project or file is shared among a few members. They may have accidentally or intentionally modified the file and the best way is to get notified and then compares it with another local copy that you have backed up somewhere on your hard drive.

Monitor File Changes

To use FileTrack, click on the middle button with the traffic light and select the file that you want to monitor for changes, then click the Start Monitoring button. When you minimize the program, it goes to the system tray so it is non-obtrusive to your desktop or the way you work.

Download FileTrack

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