Get Notified by Email on Facebook Unauthorized Login

May 19, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Privacy, Security


Website login credentials can be stolen by hackers, social engineering or even by malicious tools such as keyloggers. A carefully planned hacker wouldn’t want to get detected and tries to stay in control of the account or computer as long as possible so that he can gather as much private information as possible about the user. This means that even if the hacker knows the password, they wouldn’t change them so that you wouldn’t suspect a thing. They would continue to snoop on your email, bank accounts, transactions and etc.

Facebook has a great security feature where it can notify you via email if someone logged in to your Facebook account from another computer, device or even location. All you need to do is to follow the steps the enable the privacy security protection.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Click on Account on the top right and select Account Settings

3. Click on Account Security and select Yes for “Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices.” and click Submit

4. Log out from Facebook and then relogin.

5. You will be prompted to register your computer by entering your computer name.

Facebook unauthorized login

Your computer name will now be registered via cookie and if another computer or location logged in to your facebook account, you will receive an email notification. This may not be a perfect solution because the computer name can be changed but it does provide an extra layer to prevent against facebook snoopers.

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