Get Extra RAM without Buying and Installing Memory

March 7, 2010 | Filed under Software


Modern computers and hardcore gamers normally install a lot of RAM on the computer because the it is commonly think that the higher the amount of memory, the faster the computer will be including running a lot of program at the same time. For older computers with little memory and oftenly most of it being eaten up by antivirus software, making it crawl and starts putting the extra load on the hard drive to make it as virtual memory.

When this happens, there is only two options. The first one is to install more RAM and the second option is to use a software called Extra RAM to give more PC memory for free. Extra RAM instantly free up pc memory when your system need it. It designed to run and works automatically in the background, a set-and-forget software that will automatically optimize memory as you use your pc. It has a easy to use interface that will display information about free and used physical memory that can be accessed from systray icon next to your pc clock.

Install Extra RAM for free

Extra RAM is an easy and powerful tool for both computer beginners and experts, and compatible with Windows Xp, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It also works smoothly on any type of desktop pc and mobile pc, such as notebook, netbook, or umpc.

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