FTP Droplet is an Easy Custom FTP Uploader

March 26, 2010 | Filed under Software


If you have a website or your client had a server and wants to upload stuff to their webserver, they will obviously need a FTP client to connect to the FTP server to upload the files. FTP client has tons of configurations and if your client doesn’t know a thing about computers, chances are they will probably screw up something and worse, accidentally deleting important files on the FTP.

FTP Droplet Lite is an easy to use FTP upload which does nothing but to allow you to select a file and then click a button to upload. FTP Droplet reads an encrypted settings.ini file which can only be loaded and created by the supplied Configurator. In the Configurator, you will need to enter the basic settings of the FTP server such as the server IP or hostname with port if it uses different than the default 21, username, password and server path. The server path is where the files are going to be uploaded. Click Save Settings and settings.ini will be created. Then leave the configurator.exe out and send the remaining files in the ftp droplet folder to your customer.

Custom FTP Uploader Droplet

Currently it does not check for duplicate file names and will overwrite the file in the FTP server. The advanced options to set the allowed file types and maximum size currently does not work. FTP Droplet is useful for newbies but it lacks of showing the full link after the file has been uploaded.

Download FTP Droplet Lite

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