Free Yahoo POP3 and SMTP Settings for Windows Live Mail

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I bet everyone has heard of Yahoo and probably even had a Yahoo mail before if you are not using one now. They’ve been around for a very long time around the same time as Hotmail. However Yahoo provides a lot of service, not only just email but the email service itself is just impressive.

Yahoo! Mail (shortened to Y! Mail) is a free web mail service provided by Yahoo!. It was inaugurated in 1997. It is currently the largest web-based email service, followed closely by its competitor Windows Live Hotmail. Currently, Yahoo! offers two versions of Yahoo! Mail: an Outlook-like Ajax interface powered by Yahoo!’s Zimbra introduced in 2007, as well as the traditional static-web-page “Yahoo! Mail Classic,” which continues the availability of the simpler 1997-2006 interface for the brand’s considerable installed base of users. In early 2008, Yahoo! started offering unlimited mail storage even to its non-paying users, in response to heated competition in the free-web mail market segment.

Some regions doesn’t allow you to use Yahoo POP3 and SMTP for free. To check if your region is supported or not, log in to your Yahoo Mail, click on Options and go to Mail Options. Then click POP & Forwarding. If you see that it asks you to upgrade to Mail plus so you can download your Yahoo! Mail in an email client, such as Outlook and forward your Yahoo! Mail to a different address, then please do the following:

To set your Yahoo account region to Asia

1. Go to
2. Login with your Yahoo ID and password
3. Click on Set language, site, and time zone
4. Click the drop down box for New Setting, select Yahoo! Asia and click Finished.

Enable POP3 and SMTP in Yahoo Mail.

1. Login to
2. Click on Options and select Mail Options
3. Go to POP & Forwarding
4. Click Set up or edit POP & Forwarding and a new window will appear
5. Click on Web & POP Access and click the Save button

Here is the Yahoo POP3 and SMTP settings to set on your email client such as Windows Live Mail.

Yahoo POP3 Server:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995
Yahoo SMTP Server:
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for SSL: 465
Account Name: your full email address (including
Email address: your email address (
Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password


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  1. D Vili says:

    Once this is done there is no POP and Forwarding in the list to choose from.

  2. vigishk menon says:

    very thankful to the owners

  3. says:

    Works a treat for me. Thanks. :o)

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    doesn’t work anymore

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