Free UltimateZip 4.5 Registration Code License

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Windows Vista and 7 support ZIP archives but a lot of software on the Internet are packed with other archive format such as RAR and 7z. Hence every computer needs a third party archiver software that is able to handle more formats than ZIP alone. One of such program is UltimateZip.

UltimateZip is a program to work with Zip files and many other compression formats. It has build-in support for zip, 7-zip, blak hole, cabinet, jar, lha, tar, gzip and bzip2. It also has additional support for ace, arc, arj, rar, war and zoo for extracting. Other than the normal compress and extract features, it can repair damaged zip files with the zip repair tool and has a built-in viewer to open more than 100 file formats including the most common graphic, multimedia and office formats.

Free UltimateZip license code

UltimateZip normally cost $17.95 for a personal single user license but you can get your free UltimateZip v4.5 registration code by following the steps below.

1. Visit
2. Enter your email address at the Email box and click LOS!
3. Check your email and you should receive an email from with a link. Open the link and you will get your serial number.
4. Download UltimateZip 4.5 uzsetup.exe
5. After installation, enter the serial number to register UltimateZip.

You will notice that the UltimateZip 4.5 interface is in German. To make it partially English, go to the folder where UltimateZip is installed, normally at C:\Program Files\UltimateZip\ and delete the german.lng file. The menus will be in English but some icons are still in German.

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