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March 24, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Freebies, Video


Downloading movies and music are quite a common thing that is happening every second in the whole world although most of them are probably illegal and copyright materials. The downloader could get into trouble with the copyright law and also faces risk of being infected by virus since virus spreaders threats P2P and torrent as the virus spreading haven. Using the correct program to download is very important because the good ones will list the safe files to download and filters out all the dangerous files.

There are many P2P and torrent software and one of the most popular application that is able to do both is FrostWire which is a high quality and totally FREE LimeWire PRO alternative. You should also take a look at SkyDownloader. It allows you to access to everything including gnutella and torrent downloads plus live channels to watch TV, listen to radio and play online flash games.

download Skydownloader PRO

SkyDownloader is like LimeWire where it has the free and Pro version where the Pro version cost money and includes much more features than the free version. The SkyDownloader Pro cost $19.88 and for a limited time you can get the PRO version for free by tweeting about Sky Downloader.

1. Visit
2. Enter your twitter username and password and click Post Tweet button
3. Fill up the form to get FREE Unlimited PRO Membership
4. Follow the instructions on screen and download the full version of SkyDownloader PRO

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