Free SentryBay DataProtection Suite 6 Months License

April 13, 2010 | Filed under Freebies, Security, Software


Antivirus are the most traditional software to protect the computer against virus. It relies heavily on virus definition to detect known viruses and also the proactive detection to help detecting malicious files trying to perform malicious activities on the computer. Antivirus software does not protect the user’s compouter 100% because there are malwares that are made privately not to be detected by virus and the user’s data can be stolen by a simple keylogging feature.

Two of the greatest threats to internet users are keylogging and phishing attacks. Unfortunately sometimes antivirus are not fast enough to catch these bad boys and in that short time frame can cause data to be stolen from the user’s computer. The most safest way to protect against these two attacks is by scrambling the keystrokes that you type so that the keylogger captures the wrong data while waiting for the antivirus to get updated to detect and remove the malware.

One of such keyscrambling software is SentryBay Data Protection Suite. It has anti-phishing module that is trained to recognize popular phishing targets, anti-keylogging to scramble the keys that the user type and alos an anti screen capture. SentryBay DataProtection Suite is very expensive that cost £49.95 for a 1 year software license but here is how you can use it 6 months for free.

Free SentryBay Data Protection Suite

All you need to do is download and install SentryBay DataProtection Suite from the link below. The license ID is embedded to the installer. The key scrambling only works on Firefox and Internet Explorer browser.

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