Free PARAGON NTFS for Mac Full Version Installer

March 21, 2010 | Filed under Freebies, Mac OS


Mac OS X uses the HFS+ file system which is developed by Apple. It is possible to install Mac OS X on a windows computer by using some of the illegal patch to modify the ISO image installer. However when you install Mac OS X on one partition and Windows on another, when Windows is booted up you will not be able to access NTFS because HFS+ file system is created by Apple and Microsoft did not make Windows to support that kind of file system. You will end up not seeing the Mac OS partition in My Computer but you can definitely see it in Disk Management.

PARAGON Software group has developed a useful program called NTFS for Mac where it provides a unique complete solution and creates an effective two-way communication channel between Mac OS X and Windows. You can browse contents, read and modify files, copy and create new files and folders on both file systems with both operating systems!

free NTFS for Mac

PARAGON is giving out free full version of NTFS for Mac worth $39.95 till March 22. This is an older version of NTFS for Mac version 6.5, current version is at 7 and version 8 is going to be released soon. Basically the version 6.5 has all the functionality of the 7th version except for the MAC Browser, a utility to work with HFS-formatted volumes under Windows. The download link below is the full version which doesn’t require any registration key.

Download NTFS for Mac OS X

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