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We have previously covered Prevent Restore which securely deletes off the free space from your hard drive so that no files can be restored using data recovery software. Here is another one called SafeErase by O&O which is able to safely delete individual files or folders, delete free disk space like what Prevent Restore does, delete the hard disks or partition and delete the entire computer.

O&O SafeErase 3 offers you a simple and effective solution for the secure deletion of files: Simply select the files for deletion and, with the click of the mouse, overwrite the data multiple times.
It has an integrated wizard that guides a user through the entire process of securely deleting files from computer so that you won’t make mistakes. The special feature available on SafeErase is you can securely delete the whole computer from Windows itself without creating a boot disk like most hard drive eraser does.

Free SafeErase Serial License

The latest version of O&O SafeErase is now version 4 and they are giving away version 3 for free. You can get your free license by following the steps below.

1. Visit
2. Fill up the form especially those required fields marked with an asterisk *
3. Check your email and you should receive an email from O&O Register containing the name, company and serial.
4. Download O&O SafeErase 3.0.1414 version according to your operating system and install.
5. Run O&O SafeErase and a registration wizard window will appear. Select Enter registration code and click Next. Paste the Name, Company and Serial# that you received from O&O.

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