Free Norman Virus Control Authentication Key Valid for 3 Years

March 10, 2010 | Filed under Freebies, Security


Norman is a computer software security company that has been around since 1984. Just like most antivirus company, they have their own products for antivirus, personal firewall, antispam, encryption, antispyware and parental control. Norman Virus Control is Norman’s antivirus software but it has been replaced with Norman Security Suite now. The version number for Norman Virus Control is currently 5.99 but the Security Suite has already reached v7. Although Virus Control has been replaced but it is still available to purchase and download. The good thing about Virus Control is it still compatible with Windows 98 while the Security Suite is meant for more newer generation computers running newer Windows such as XP, Vista and 7.

Free Norman Virus Control Authentication Key

A Norman Virus Control 1 year single user license cost $39.95 but here is your chance to grab a 3 years legit authentication key for free. Simply follow the few simple steps to get your free serial key code.

1. Visit
2. Fill in your name, email, country and the OEM code FSC536 and click Submit form button.
3. Check your email and you should receive an email from Norman with your 25-digit authentication key.
4. Download Norman Virus Controller installer from direct link NormanVirusControl_599SU_ENG_R20.msi
5. Install Norman Virus Controller using the setup file that you have just downloaded and use the authentication key to license it to 36 months.


2 Responses to “Free Norman Virus Control Authentication Key Valid for 3 Years”
  1. the_GASS says:

    HEY, I find this site very useful lots of good apps. – my free disc space has gotton smaller. I was woundering if its just me or have others had a problem with this Norman’s virus control giving them the full 36 months license? I downloaded as instructed and followed all directions. It said license was valid for the security suite and asked if I wanted to D.L. it. I choose not to but in registering serial for the database to update it changed from Norman virus control to Norman security suite, with only the antivirus and antispyware activated for a month. I then opened the license wizard and found some other serial # listed, I deleted it and entered the one given in the email responce that stated it was good for 36 months. (In entering serial # it would not take it when I pasted it I had to type it in.) Then it went from a month to a year of service. I dont care about the other parts of the security suite not being activated, but if you know of a fix or work around to get the year of service up to 3 years please email me. It said in the email –
    This product is not supported directly by Norman. You should therefore never contact Norman if you are in need of customer support. OH WHAT SHALL I DO ? Well thanks for a great site, some good apps. and any HELP you can give me – the_GASS

  2. 黄建平 says:

    I think that it’s very usefull.Thankyou for providing it for us.

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