Free MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 License Key Code

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MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 is a complete software solution for the MP3 universe. Different audio formats can be loaded from the hard disk, the Internet, or from audio CDs and then converted into MP3, OGG VORBIS, WAV, WMA (MS audio) as well as (after archiving) AAC and MP3 Pro files. All songs and playlists can be burned directly onto CD (data CD or audio CD) or downloaded to a portable MP3 player. The Internet database “freedb” provides the audio CD in your drive with all the most important information on the artist, the title, year of release, etc. at the touch of a button. To connect with freedb, you will need an Internet connection.

Free MP3 Maker 15 license key

MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 used to cost £29.99 but you can grab your free license key code by following the simple steps below. It is known that the promotion only offers 20,000 license and the offer will be expired when the license has been finished generating.

1. Visit
2. Login if you have an account with or register for a free account. If you registering a new account, make sure you check your email after register to activate your account by clicking on the verification link.
3. Enter OstergeschenkSWL in the part where it says Gutscheincode and click Jetzt kaufen button.
4. Click Jetzt kaufen button again.
5. Your license number will be shown below the Lizenzschlüssel word.
6. Download MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 (94.6MB) and install.
7. Run the program and register the program with the license number you received at step 5 and also entering an email address to activate online.

If you are wondering why you couldn’t find any information about MP3 Maker 15 on the official MAGIX website, that’s because the latest version of MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 has been renamed to MP3 deluxe 16.

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