Free iCare Format Recovery Software License Code

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There are two types of scenarios of accidental deletion of files. The first is files are deleted directly from Windows and it can be either caused by virus or the user themselves. Secondly, it can be due to wrongly formatting the whole hard drive when you are managing the partitions using a boot disc or even wrongly formatted a card reader. It is possible to recover the files even from a formatted drive using iCare Format Recovery.

iCare Format Recovery Software is dedicated in file recovery when drive has been formatted. It works on hard drives as well as memory card, SD card, lost partition, deleted partition and etc. The software is made to be as easy to use with a very simple user interface where it first shows you the drive to recover and clicking the Recover button will start searching for the deleted files. It can support both FAT and NTFS partition.

Free iCare Format Recovery License Code

iCare Format Recovery normally cost $69.95 for a single user license but you can get your free license code by following the steps below. This free offer expires on April 22, 2010.

1. Download and install.
2. Run Format Recovery and click on the Activate! button at the top right of the program.
3. Enter the following license code 2K1XB2X964MPHOCJ8M1RYIJF0OVHFOFH and click the Register button.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    Download link is not working

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