Free Hide IP Auto Downloads Proxy List and Injects to Internet Explorer

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


One of the method to surf the web anonymously and bypassing web filters to visit blocked websites is by using open web proxy. Open proxy acts like a middle men where it routes the connection making the ISP thinks that your computer is from another country. The con about using proxy is it is slow for some proxies and it doesn’t last, meaning you will always need to scan and use a fresh working proxy list. Then you will have to configure it to your web browser to use the proxy.

To simplify all that, you can try using Free Hide IP. Free Hide IP is a lightweight and useful software designed to protect your privacy when surfing the Internet by changing your IP address. The software will protect your Identity and Prevent tracking of your online activities.

After installing this app, all you need to do is first click the Update Proxy List. The program will start downloading a proxy list from a server and clicking on the Hide My IP will automatically set the proxy IP address and port to your Internet Explorer. If you want to use the proxy on Firefox, you will need to manually configure it at Network Connection area.

Free Hide IP

We are not sure how often is the proxy list being updated but the proxy list is saved in C:\Program Files\Free Hide IP\MyProxy.txt. We have tested the proxy list with Web Proxy Checker and found that out of 1150 open proxies, only 133 is working. Since Hide My IP doesn’t verify the proxies, you will probably have a hard time getting a working one if you try them one by one from the list. It is however an open source application which you can modify the source code to make it work better for you.

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