Free Fix-It Essentials 9 License Full Download

April 4, 2010 | Filed under Freebies, Software


Here is yet another software that is supposed to keep your PC running like new all the time called Fix-It Essentials 9. There are many computer maintenance software and they are all not the same as it is programmed with different technology. You should decide which to use and make sure you only use one of it to avoid any conflicts.

Fix-It Essentials 9 is actually a slightly trimmed down version of the Fix-It Utilities 9. The latest version of Fix-It Utilities is now at version 10 but Avanquest normally doesn’t give out the full version of the previous version for free. No matter what, Fix-It Essentials 9 also contains a lot of features such as ErrorTracker, SystemExplorer, DiskTester, SMARTDiskCheck, SystemMonitor, SystemLog, RegistryFixer, RegistryEditor, DiskFixer, WindowsUpdate, ClockSync, Fix-It Scheduler, SystemOptimizer, StartupCommander, RegistryOptimizer, Defrag, Internet Speedup, Windows Optimizer, Memory Optimizer, DiskCleaner, RegisryCleaner, Shredder and DiskSnapshot.

As you can see from the list above, even though it is supposed to be a trimmed down version but it still contains a lot of essential tools to keep your PC running like new.

Free Fix-It Essentials 9

Follow the below on how to get your free Fix-It Essentials 9 full version. Do note that this Fix-It Utilities has a German user interface and there is no way to switch it to English.

1. Visit
2. You can fill up the form with any information even with a non working email address because the next page will display the serial number.
3. Download Fix-It Essentials 9 and install
4. During installation, enter the serial number when you see the Benutzerinformationen window.

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