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Previously we have covered a very useful tool called Disk Space Fan which is able to display your hard drive usage with a nice graph. It is a free version and it is using an older engine compared to the Pro which had undergone a major update. The Pro version of Disk Space Fan is a very powerful disk space analysis tool which uses a powerful search engine with fast file check to find the duplicate files on your computer.

Free Disk Space Fan Pro license

Disk Space Fan Pro Features:

* Scans directories and drives to find duplicate files
* Criteria for comparison of files can be easily set up (file name, size, creation date and content)
* You can exclude files based on file type, size and location
* Provides a list of identical files so you can select which ones you want to delete
* Delete, move, and replace the duplicate files by using symbolic links
* Using filters, quickly to find out the specified type files
* Using a filter, you can see the duplicate files by file types
* Diagram of a flower show in the form of free disk space
* Save scan history
* Start from Explorer directly
* Support for Unicode
* Network path support
* Full compatibility with 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems

Disk Space Fan Pro normally cost $19.95 per license but you can get the free genuine serial number via promotion by following the steps below.

1. Download Disk Space Fan Pro (pro_setup.exe) and install
2. Run Disk Space Fan Pro, click the question mark icon at the top right and select Register.
3. Enter the following registration information and click the Activate button.
Email Address:
Serial Number: 96500-16583-F8D29


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