Free Digital Patrol Regname and Product Key License

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Malwares are classified into multiple types such as virus, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, rootkit, bootkit and etc. Normally there are two types of security products which one of it is a full suite of antivirus which protects against all types of malware and the other type is an antispyware which aims to detect and clean spyware, trojan and adware. One of a good and effective antispyware program is Digital Patrol.

Digital Patrol by NictaTech Software is able to detect and eliminate more than 1.2 million trojan horses, spywares, viruses, worms, malicious ActiveX controls and java applets. Other than that, it also makes a heuristic analysis of files to detect new, previously unknown viruses and trojans. The latest Digital Patrol 5.2 build 24 is compatible with Windows 95 up to the current Windows 7.

Digital Patrol user interface is very simple with only a few buttons to start/pause/stop the scan after selecting the path. It does not seem to provide a real time protection which is good since it can be integrated and used together with other antivirus program.

Free Digital Patrol Product Key

A single computer user license of Digital Patrol for 1 year cost $19.95 but during this whole month of April, they are giving out free license to everyone who request it from their website. You must hurry because you only have 3 more days to request for the free Digital Patrol license.

1. Visit
2. Make sure you enter real information because nicknames will not be accepted and the free license application will be rejected. You should receive the license within 24 hours because every license request are manually processed.
3. Download Digital Patrol and install.
4. Enter the Regname and Product Key, make sure that automatic activation mode is selected and click Next


One Response to “Free Digital Patrol Regname and Product Key License”
  1. RICH says:

    The didital patrol offer you wrote about for april. I guess has been extended thur May, cause I just submitted my information for the code needed to be sent the serial number just today (05/21/2010). It took my information and sent me the code to confirm my email and it did say May on their web page. If you want to give your readers a heads-up on this is why I’m writting you. Thanks for a great site and information on great apps. RICH

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