Free Avira Premium Security Suite 10 HBEDV.KEY License Key for 92 Days

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Avira 10 has been released a few days ago and we have covered the free version of Avira on this post. The free version lacks of some features and also has an annoying popup notifier window which can be disabled using NoNotifyAvira. The Avira Premium Security Suite 10 is a complete security suite that protects your computer from all types of threats on the Internet.

free avira premium security suite 10 license key

Avira Premium Security Suite 10 comes with the following features:
* AntiVir – stops all types of viruses
* AntiAd/Spyware – eliminates ad/spyware
* AntiPhishing – proactive protection against phising
* AntiRootkit – against hidden rootkit threats
* AntiDrive-by – prevents against downloading viruses when surfing
* EmailScannerEnhanced – email protection
* WebGuard – protection against malicious websites
* RescueSystem – create a bootable rescue CD
* QuickRemoval – eliminate viruses at the push of a button
* NetbookSupport – for laptops with low resolution
* AHeADTechnology – detects even unknown viruses by their profiles
* AntiVirProActiv – detects unknown viruses by their behavior patterns
* GenericRepair – automatic repair of your PC
* ExpressInstallation – install Avira in just 5 clicks
* AviraSupport – there for you in person when questions arise
* AntiBot prevents – dangerous bot networks
* BackupSystem – configurable data backup solution
* AntiSpam – filters out unwanted emails
* FireWall – protection against hackers
* GameMode – uninterrupted game play
* ParentalControl – block websites unsuitable for children

A trial license for Avira Premium Security Suite 10 normally valid for 30 days only but you can get your free extra 60 days, making it a total of 92 days from the steps below.

1. Visit
2. Enter your first and last name, email address, country and click the Request License Now button.
3. Click the License Overview button.
4. Click on the right icon at the download column which will download the HBEDV.KEY key file and save it on your computer.
5. Download Avira Premium Security Suite 10 and install.
6. When get to the part where it ask to license your Avira product, click the link that says “I already have a valid hbedv.key License file”. Browse the HBEDV.KEY file which you downloaded earlier and proceed with the installation.


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