Free 6 Months BullGuard Internet Security 2010 v9.0 License

April 12, 2010 | Filed under Freebies, Security, Software


We have just covered an article on how to download and install BullGuard Internet Security 8.7 that is valid for 180 days subscription free without paying a single cent. Looks like one of the main reason why BullGuard is doing this promotion is because they have recently caught up with other antivirus company by releasing the 2010 version of its security suite and the version number has finally jumped to v9.0. Normally every major update of a security software contains new features and a couple of improvements but we can’t seemed to find any information about it on the website.

By installing it on our computer, we noticed a major update on the graphical user interface but the features of antivirus, firewall, backup, game mode, spamfilter and support that is found in 9.0 is already there on the previous version of 8.7.

Free BullGuard Internet Security 9.0 license key

If you have installed the free BullGuard Internet Security 8.7 which gives you a free 180 days trial subscription based on our previous article, you can uninstall it, download the latest version of BullGuard Internet Security 2010 v9.0, install it on your computer and use the same username and password which you have created during activation. This allows you to use the latest BullGuard Internet Security 2010 for a good 6 months.

Download BullGuard Internet Security 2010 v9.0

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