Force Remove avast! 5 Antivirus and Internet Security with Alwil Uninstall Utility

April 6, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


avast! is one of the top antivirus company today thanks to the free edition of the antivirus which they are providing. Recently Alwil, the company that develops avast! antivirus has released a new major update version 5.0 to their products, with features an improved antivirus and anti-spyware engine and a new avast! Intelligent Scanner.

Some people has no problems upgrading to the latest avast! 5.0 but for some unlucky ones they are getting blue screen and crashes due to incompatibility with third party software. Uninstall can be performed from add or remove programs in XP or Programs and Features in Vista and 7 but it is possible that the uninstall process failed and there is no way to uninstall from control panel.

If you are unable to uninstall avast! 5.0 from control panel, you can try removing it with Alwil Software Uninstall Utility. It is able to remove all versions of Avast! automatically with a single click and a reboot.

Uninstall avast 5

If avast! is still running, run avast!, click on SETTINGS at the top right. Click Troubleshooting on the left pane and uncheck Enable avast! self-defense module and click OK. When see a warning window that says an attemp has been made to disable the avast! self-defense module, click Yes. Now run aswclear5.exe and click the Uninstall button. When you see the uninstall progress says program was successfully removed, close the window. Click the Yes button when asked to restart.

Download avast! 5.0 Uninstall Utility

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