Flush Print Jobs and Effectively Cancel Print Queues

March 19, 2010 | Filed under Printing, Windows


There is a problem with how the printer interacts with Windows. It has been around for a very very long time and it is a very annoying one. If you print normally then you wouldn’t have problems but if you ever want to cancel a print job, sometimes it totally broke the printer and you have to reboot your computer, restart the printer spooler process, clearing off the spool print files and etc…

Here is a very effective way we have discovered that takes all the steps necessary to unjam a printer queue and puts them at a double-click of the mouse. By using a few commands you can clean the print spool. To make things easier, the commands can be placed in a batch file and automates everything with a click.

Brad Kovach has created such batch file and he call it Print Flush. This batch file is not meant to fix your printer if the driver is not installed. It can be used when your printer has worked before and suddenly it has problems like the print jobs getting queued and it doesn’t print. Basically Print Flush is a batch file that stops the spooler service, delete the spooled files and restart the spooler service again.

fix printer queue problem

Download Print Flush


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