FlashPlus Manages Flash Contents on Webpages

April 10, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


Normally when a flash component is embedded to a webpage, there is nothing much you can do about it other than zooming in and out, setting the flash quality and printing it. For some custom players such as YouTube, it offers a bit more features such as stop download, watch on youtube and copy embed html. You can now manage flash contents on webpages by installing FlashPlus extension for Chrome browser.

FlashPlus is an extension that helps you manage flash content on web pages. By installing this extension, you can drag or resize flash movie files on any webpage, maximize flash content to the whole browser window, darken the areas around the flash content, pop out the flash to a new window, and block the flash to speed up page loading and also removing annoying music in the background.

Manage Flash Content with FlashPlus

After installing this extension, a FlashPlus icon will be added to the end of the address bar whenever you are on a page that contains flash contents. Clicking on that icon put the flash in full screen, locate the flash element, download and block. To have more features such as resizing, moving and darken, click on the thumbnail and the flash component will be highlighted. You can move the flash area and resize it. There are also buttons on top of the flash that lets you darken the area around the flash, make it full screen, block the flash and pop out into a new window.

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