Fix Blur Photos with Unshake

May 19, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Taking a photo that is blur can be disappointing especially when you know that are probably never going to go back there again. As for forensics, fixing a blur photo is also important so that they can gather evidence which are probably missed by a naked eye. It is possible to fix a blur photo by sharpening the image but you cannot expect to get a fully clear image but just an image that is acceptable quality. One way to easily and automatically fix blur photos is by using Unshake.

Unshake requires Java to run. After downloading Unshake, extract it and run Unshake.jar file which is an executable Jar file. It can only be executed if Java is installed. To determine whether Java is installed on your computer, go to When Unshake is launched, click the Open button to load the blur image. Then you get to select the level of amplification, normal or severe blur, and quality estimation of basic, portrait or scenic.

unshake deblur images

Unshake is free and because it runs on Java, you can expect it to run on operating systems other than Windows such as Linux and Mac OS.

Download Unshake

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