Fing Discovers all Devices Connected to Network

March 7, 2010 | Filed under Network, Software


If you are a network administrator that manages a network that has many users connects to, it is your job to scan the network once in a while to check for any abnormal devices connected or even service that are not supposed to be running on the network and one example is running multiple DHCP servers can cause IP conflicts. However you can’t be going from computer to computer to check on the users that has illegally plugged in any unauthorized devices to the network or running conflicting services.

Before settling for anything else, you should give Fing a try. Fing is the ultimate command line tool for network and service discovery. Taking advantage of a brand new cross-platform network engine, it reaches an impressive discovery sharpness and speed. You’re going to discover your whole network in few seconds and generate customized real-time reports.

Fing Interactive mode

Fing Features:

* Network discovery with 100% hit in any ethernet-based network
* Supported operating systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows
* MAC address gathering
* Faster and smarter than Look@LAN

Because this tool is a command line based, you will need to learn the available options and switches for Fing from the online manual. The easier way is just launch the interactive mode which allows you to skip reading a long usage manual and start using Fing immediately. The interactive mode will guide you through the available features and configurations using the question and answer method. The command to activate the interactive mode is by appending a –interactive at the end after Fing.exe.

Fing is freeware, and may be downloaded at the link below. There is a Windows installer that is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, and also linux with RPM, DEB and TGZ package, and a Mac OSX installer that is compatible with even compatible with Snow Leapord

Download Fing

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