Find Out What Programs is Connecting to the Internet in Windows 7

March 9, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Software can be coded by programmers to make it connect to the Internet invisibly without you know what data is being sent or received. Some software such as audio converter doesn’t require an Internet connection since all it does is only to convert an audio file format to another format unless it has a feature where it can automatically check online for updates.

It is dangerous when you have an unknown process suddenly appear on your Task Manager and you don’t know if it is a keylogger catching all your keystrokes and sending all the sensitive information to a hacker.

Fortunately Windows 7 comes with a program called Resource Monitor where you can view what process is actually sending and receiving data from where. There are two ways to run Resource Monitor. First is to click the Start button and type Resource Monitor at the Search programs and files bar and the program will appear on the list. Click on it to run Research Monitor. Second method is to press Win+R and type resmon and click OK.

Detect What Program is Connecting to the Internet

Once Resource Monitor is opened, go to the Network tab to display processes with network activity. There are 3 areas which shows very useful data which is the Network Activity, TCP Connections and Listening Ports. All these areas can tell you if a program is genuinely connecting to the Internet or not.

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